A diary app that lets you find past moods and information at a glance using cute animal expressions

Moti-Up Diary

The "Moti-Up Diary" makes daily entries fun, and lets you find your past moods and info at a glance. You can easily understand if things are going well or if you've been in a slump. What's more, you can display all of your mood diaries at once, look back at past contents, and make use of them in the future.

The application itself does not share functions with the free personal organizer app "Schedule St.". To link with Schedule Street, please use "Refill: Moti-Up Diary".

Download from the Android Market

◆Displays Mood Illustrations so that you can tell how you felt in the past at a single glance.

◆You can look back at the contents of your good days and bad days on the Diary List

◆Displays immediate goal settings and "Notes to Yourself for Tomorrow".

◆4 selectable characters: "Mii" the kitten, "Chori" the bad dog, "Pukuta" the hamster and "Wanitaru" the mysterious crocodile-like creature.

App Name Moti-Up Diary
Price Free
Supported OS Android OS 2.1/2.2/2.3/4.0/4.1/4.2/4.3/4.4
Compatible Devices For tested models, please refer to the Android Market product page.
Genre Lifestyle
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