ELECOM QR Code Reader User's Manual Ver. 1.0.0

QR Code Browsing

Camera mode will activate when you turn on the basic application, so please prepare any QR codes you want scanned.
Once the QR code is recognized the recognition results will be displayed.
Auto-focus is active, so please move the camera into position to allow it to recognize the QR code.


Recognition Results

The basic application can recognize two kinds of QR codes, "Address Book" and "Text". Once the contents have been accepted, you can use the acquired information.


1)Address Book

The address book and recognized contents are displayed. You can register acquired data into the address book. By touching each recognized item, you can perform actions applicable to each item.

- Name

Copy to clipboard.

- Kana

Copy to clipboard.


Make a call.

- Mail

Launch mailer.

- Address

Open address using Google Map.

- Memo

Copy to clipboard.

- Twitter

Open Twitter in your browser.

- Add to Address Book

Register contents from recognized address book into the computer terminal address book.



Recognized contents are displayed as text. When a URL or email address is embedded in the text, you can perform applicable actions to the contents by touch.


Open indicated URL in the browser.

- Mail address

Launch mailer using the established email address.

- Mail

Launch mailer using confirmed text presets.

- Search

Search using confirmed texts. Open the browser.

- Copy

Copy confirmed text to the clipboard.

- Share

Transfer recognized text to external applications. Compatible applications differ by computer terminal. Also, the method for using transferred text is different for each application.



The menu will be displayed on each recognized result screen when you press the "MENU" button.

- Help

Open the online manual via browser. Must be connected to the internet.

- Version

Display application version information.

- Exit

The basic application will exit.