ELECOM File Manager ユーザーズマニュアル



- Summary

The "ELECOM File Manager" is a file explorer application that allows the most personal customization of file and folder operation. Using the "Arch Swipe Mode" UI built with smartphone operation in mind, you can perform file actions with scrolls, flicks and gestures.

- Special Features

1.4 types of list displays, such as Arch Swipe Mode

It is equipped with "Arch Swipe Mode", which allows for more natural scrolling by swiping your thumb in a fan shape, and can be changed between right-handed and left-handed controls. What's more, you can display in list, icon or catalog form, and use each for different purposes corresponding to the application scene.

2.File operation via flick

Allows file operation using flicks. You can perform operations on files and folders using 4 different directional flicks. Purchasing the license key allows you to assign 8 different directions in any operation you want.

3.Operation via gesture

Shaking the computing device will initiate gesture operations. Purchasing the license key allows you to assign gestures freely. Implementing non-specific scripts are also possible.

4.Full-fledged file operation basic functionality

Copy/Cut/Paste or new folder creation, sorting by file name/size/date created, multitask operation, file search and property displays are the full-fledged basic functions built-in. Using shared functions allows each file to be sent to other applications.

5.ZIP File Decompression

Can decompress ZIP files and expand the archive contents.

6.Executing the APK file and Installing the Application

Executing the APOK file from the Android App Installer allows you to install the app.



Operating Environment/Important Points

Android OS:2.1/2.2/2.3/3.0/3.1/3.2/4.0/4.1/4.2/4.3/4.4
Screen Resolution:854×480、800×480、1280x800


Getting Started

- Startup Process

Start up the basic application, and touch the "File Manager" icon from the computer terminal program launcher (app list).

After you boot up the basic application following installation, please agree with the software product license document.


Screen Configuration

- Browser Screen

There are 4 different display modes for the browser screen listed below. Anytime at the browser screen, you can change the display mode from [Menu Key]-[Change Display].

1.File/Folder Operation

When flick actions are deactivated, you can display the operation menu with a long press on individual files or folders.

2.Browser Display Mode

List Display: Displays icons, file/folder names and date created in list format.
Icon Display: Displays icons and file/folder names.
Arch Swipe Mode: Allows for more natural scrolling through the file catalog by moving your thumb in a fan shape.
Small list displaying: Displays icons, file/folder names and file size.

- Arch Swipe Mode

1.Current Directory File/Folder List

This displays existing file and folder directories in the lower-right part of the screen (in right-handed mode). Allows for scrolling in a fan shape.

2.Parent directory folder/file list

This displays the parent file and folder directory in the top-left part of the screen (in right-handed mode). Allows the same kind of fan-shaped scrolling.


This moves from the current directory to the parent directory.

- Menu

1.Change Displays

Switches display modes.


Sorts the order of file/folder lists.

3.Multi select

Changes into a mode that allows selection of multiple files/folders. You can add files/folders via touch and perform actions from the [Menu Key]. You can cancel Multiple Selection Mode with the [Back Key].

4.Select All

Selects all existing files/folders.


Moves back to the root "/" from the current directory.

6.New Folder

Creates a new folder in the current directory.

7.Search by name

Searches for files in the current directory.

8.Search in detail

Performs a more detailed file search.

9.Application setting

Displays the settings.

10.Change operation type

Switches between right-handed/left-handed modes in "Arch Swipe Mode".

11. Version information

Displays version information.


Displays Help.

- Settings

1.Flick ON

Switches flick actions on and off.

2.Customize Flick

Customizes flick actions. Allows separate actions for each flick direction. * You must purchase a license key to use 8 directions.

3. Gesture ON

Switches gesture actions on and off.

4.Customize Gesture

Customizes gesture actions. Allows creation and action assignment of gestures. You must purchase a license key to add/edit gestures.

5.Sensor sensitiviy setting

Configures sensitivity for displaying the gesture action screen. You can display the gesture action screen on low sensitivity, but it may cause the gesture action screen to display accidentally.

- Customize Flick

By purchasing the license key you can customize flick actions. This doesn't just allow you to assign flick directions to your actions of choice, but increases the number of possible flick directions from 5 to 8.

- Customize Gesture

Buying the license key allows you to customize gesture actions. You can assign free gesture actions to operations.
When multiple similar gestures exist, the closest gesture will be used.

You can assign any performable actions to gestures. (For advanced users)

- Gesture Input

Register gestures to any action you want.
The act of touching the screen, executing gestures and releasing your hand are registered as one gesture.


Register the entered gesture.


Erase the entered gesture.


Discard the entered gesture and close the screen.


Operation Instructions

- Flick Actions

Actions on files and folders are possible via flick.
1) On the browser screen, go to [Menu Key]-[Other]-[Settings] and check ON for "Flick ON".
* Purchasing a license key will let you access "Customize Flick".
2) Return to the browser screen and perform a long press on a file or folder.
3) When the flick menu is displayed, flick the direction of your desired action.
If you want to cancel without an action, release your finger without flicking.
* 「Actions such as "Paste" or "Return to Root" are possible even without performing a long press on a file or folder.

- Gesture Actions

Actions on files and folders are possible via gesture.
1) On the browser screen, go to [Menu Key]-[Other]-[Settings] and check ON for "Gesture ON".
* Purchasing a license key will let you access "Customize Gesture".
2) Return to the browser screen. Shaking the device will change into gesture input mode.
3) Entering a registered gesture will let you perform the action assigned to the gesture.