Handwriting Memo for Schedule St.  User Manual  Ver.1.0.0


- Summary

Have you ever been frustrated by unfamiliar smartphone character input? With "Handwriting Memo for Schedule St.", you can input characters by drawing them on the screen. Paint apps and the like can yield a little bit of rough character input, but with "Handwriting Memo for Schedule St." the character input line takes up half of the screen. This lets you enter large characters, and input detailed characters cleanly.

- Special Features

- Type small characters cleanly in the ample input area
Making the input area line larger allows clean input of small characters.
- 50 icons are included to insert into texts
Not just handwriting. 50 icons have been prepared to insert into texts. Inlaying icons, you can make dynamic memos. There are additional icons available for purchase as well. If the standard icons are insufficient, please try one of our various other icons.
- Changeable wallpaper designs
You can change the wallpaper design of memos. You can use different ones to suit your mood or purpose.
- Memo delivery to email or apps
You can attach handwriting memos to email as an image, or send it to other applications. You can attach and send handwriting letters packed with feelings via email.
- Connect to Schedule St. appointments
By purchasing paid items such as the icon pack, you can use handwriting memos as expanded info in the personal organizer app "Schedule St.". This will allow you to attach handwriting memos to appointments with ease.

Schedule St.: Schedule St. is a standard personal organizer application for Android, including To Do Lists, all sorts of memos, and possible management of multiple calendars.
Android Version:market://details?id=jp.co.elecom.android.elenote
PC version:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.elecom.android.elenote

- Extended Information:

You can link appointments to text memos, voice memos, picture memos and the link as expanded information. You can refer to important information from your events, like connecting a meeting appointment to a voice memo recorded at said meeting, or connecting a To Do list of important work to a business meeting appointment.


Operating Environment/Important Points

Android OS: 2.1/2.2/2.3/3.0/3.1/4.0
Screen Resolution: 800 x 480 and above

Getting Started

- Startup Process

Start up the basic application, and touch the "Handwriting Memo (Schedule St.)" icon from the computer terminal program launcher (app list). After you start up the basic application after installation, please agree with the software product license document.

- Free Version Function Limitations

The free version has the following limitations.
- Advertisements are displayed.
- Can't be used as Schedule St. extended information.
* Purchasing paid items like the icon packs will unlock them.



Screen Configuration

- Handwriting Memo List

Displays a list of saved handwriting memos. Performing a long press on any item will display the action menu.


- Sharing

Allows delivery of handwriting memos to external applications.

- Expanded Information

If "Schedule St." is installed, you can use this as "extended information" for "Schedule St.". This allows you to attach and manage handwriting memos to your schedule.

- Preview Screen

Displays contents of handwriting memos. When creating and editing handwriting memos, touch the "edit" button, then after editing touch the "save" button.

1.Preview Area

Displays handwriting memo contents. Touching anywhere within the area allows you to change the cursor position.


Erases the last character before the cursor.


Inserts a space at the cursor location.

4.New Line

Creates a new line at the cursor location.


Edits the handwriting memo starting at the cursor position.


Displays the icon list. Inserts selected icons at the cursor location of the preview area.

7.Background Settings

Lets you select and change background designs from the background list.


Saves edited contents.

- Editing Screen

Edits the contents of handwriting memos. When finished editing the handwriting memos, touch the "Finish" button.

1.Preview Area

Displays the contents of handwriting memos. You can change the cursor location by touching anywhere in this area.

2.Input Area

Enter a handwriting memo.

3.Move Forward

Advances an input area character to the left.


Erases the character just before the cursor.


Inserts a space at the cursor location.

6.New Line

Creates a new line at the cursor location.


Applies entered handwriting memos in the input area to the preview area.

8.Insert Icon

Allows you to select icons from the icon catalog and insert it into the document. You can increase the available icons by purchasing the separate icon pack.

9.Pen Width

Chooses pen width.

10.Color Palette

Lets you select one of three pen colors from the palette. By holding the button on a palette, you can adjust each one's color settings.


Finish editing.

- Icon Purchase Catalog

Displays a catalog of purchasable icon packs. Touching one will open up the "Android Market" product page.