Set cute puppies on live wallpaper with this live wallpaper app for Android

My Puppy Live Wallpaper

"My Puppy Live Wallpaper" is a live wallpaper app on which you can set cute puppies on live wallpaper. By choosing a name for the puppy and setting it to live wallpaper, the puppy will run around, bark, and come close to you playfully. Have fun customizing backgrounds, breed, and clothes to cutely produce your wallpaper, and if you set it to use toys, you can play with your puppy by touching the screen and throwing in toys. Your puppy will run after the toy, hold it in its mouth and bring it to you. You can also customize clothes you can choose from an abundance of items, and backgrounds which you can choose from beautiful locations. Also, you can play with up to three puppies at the same time, and you can receive presents from a puppy at a certain time if you set it to do so.

*Backgrounds, clothes, breeds, and toys include items that need to be purchased and downloaded.

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- Set puppy to live wallpaper

You can set cute and moving puppies as live wallpaper! Barking, playful puppies run around to create your wallpaper.
*Crying voice settings can be toggled from the settings screen.

- Tap on the screen to play with puppies using toys

By tapping on the screen, you can throw toys into the wallpaper, and puppies will run after the toys accordingly. When they get to the toy, they will put in their mouth and bring it to you.

- Choose your puppies' names

Set names of your puppies to make them be yours only.

- Choose up to three puppies you want

You can choose the puppy you want from various breeds, and you can set up to three at the same time.

- Customize by changing puppies' clothes, changing background, changing toys, among others

Freely set from an abundance of dress-up items to dress up your puppies. You can also select beautiful sceneries to set as backgrounds, and choose play toys from five different kinds.

- Set time to receive gift from puppies

If you set your preferred time, you will receive gifts from puppies. Check your gifts from the settings screen, and puppies will tell your fortune.

- Increase customizable items by purchasing additional items

In addition to a basic free version, you can expand this app by additionally purchasing and downloading various items. To add breeds, dress-up items, backgrounds, and toys, you must purchase and download each item.

App Name
My Puppy Live Wallpaper
Price Free
Supported OS Android OS 2.1/2.2/2.3
Android OS /3.0/3.1/3.2 -Works properly only when fixed to vertical screen.
Compatible Devices For tested models, please refer to the Android Market product page.


download from the Android MarketTo the manual page
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