WBConference  User's Manual


- Summary

"WBConference" is an application that allows easy taking, correcting, editing and distribution of post-conference whiteboard photos. You can perform post-conference operations, such as keystone correction, extensive editing functions and recording of minutes in PDF format.

- Features

1. Magnified Keystone Correction

This automatically recognizes the section of a photographed whiteboard containing the whiteboard, allowing magnified keystone correction.
In instances where it cannot be recognized, you can adjust the capture frame while looking through a magnifying glass.

2. Editing function that allows supplementary postscripts such as speech balloons and arrows.

Allows supplementary postscripts onto photographed pictures using speech balloons, arrows, text, pen and marker.
You can save these materials in such a way that makes it easy to understand for members absent from the meeting.

3.Distributing multiple photos and minutes together as a PDF

You can integrate several photos and meeting minutes into a single PDF and mail it.


Operating Environment/Important Points

iOS 4.0 and above


Getting Started

- Startup Process

Start up the basic application, and touch the "WBConference" icon.

After you start up the basic application after installation, please agree with the software product license document.


Screen Configuration

- Top Menu


Take a normal photo.
Take a picture, correct, edit and save the project


Take several consecutive pictures.

3. Quick

Streamlining process between photography and email delivery, this mode allows immediately delivery.

4.Add photos from gallery

Add photos from the gallery and performs keystone correction.

5.Project List

Displays the project list.

6.Photo List

Displays the photo list.

7.Recent Photos

Displays recently-taken photos.

8.Version Information

Version information is displayed by touching the "i" button.


Displays the settings menu.

- Camera photography

1.Photo button

Takes a photo.

2.End button

Ends photography.
* In continuous shooting mode, you can take pictures repeatedly until you press the end button.

- Correction


Magnifies and displays a touched section of the preview screen. Useful for specific adjustment of the capture border.

2.Preview screen

Displays a preview of shot photographs.

3.Capture border

Sets the border for keystone correction.
By dragging four points you can adjust the shape of the capture border.


Adjust the capture border's keystone correction into a rectangular shape.


Continues forward without keystone correction.


Discards the shot photograph, taking another picture.

- Preview


Displays a preview of the picture.

2.Contrast adjustment

Adjusts the contrast of the photo.


Rotates the photo 90°at a time.


Performs another keystone correction.
* Discards the results of keystone correction performed before it.


Changes to editing mode.


Saves the photo.


Discards photos and altered information, returning to the top menu.

- Edit


Displays edit contents. Allows movement and manipulation of objects such as speech bubbles and arrows. You can select operations from the operations menu via a long press.


Adds a balloon.


Adds arrows.


Adds text.


Allows drawing with a pen.You can change colors with a long button press.


Allows drawing with a marker.You can change colors with a long button press.


Allows erasure of the photo with the eraser.


You can move the displayed area by dragging in preview.


Cancel the previous operation.


Discard the edited contents and end editing


Saves the edited contents and ends editing.


- Project Selection

1.Create New

Creates a new project for saving photos.

2. Project List

Displays lists of existing projects.


Save photos to the selected project.When saving without selecting a project, the photo will save without registry into any particular project (confirm by browsing the "photo catalog").

4. Cancel

Return to the previous screen.

- Project List

1.Project List

Displays the project list. Displays recent photos, project names and memos. Allows confirmation of photos in projects by touch.

- Project Details
1.Photo List

Displays photos registered in projects in a single catalog. Displays photo previews via touch.

2.Add from Gallery

Add photos selected from the gallery to a project.

3.Add from Camera

Activates the camera and adds shot photos into a project.


Displays operation menu.

[Menu]-[Operation Menu]

1.Change Title

Changes the project name.

2.Distribution Settings

Sets distribution for each project.

3.Simple Records

Records easy minutes for each project. When easy minute contents are distributed by projects, they are inserted into the head of a PDF.


Records memos related to a project.


Delete a project.

- Distribution Settings

1.Save Format

You can select PDF or JPEG format. Choosing PDF allows you to set "font size", "margins" and "page size".

2.Mail Address

Input email address for delivery or choose it from the address book.


Launch email client using configured contents.


Save altered contents.


Discard changed contents.

- Simple Records

Configure and input contents to record to minutes.


Save altered contents.


Discard altered contents.

- All Photo List

Displays a list of all shot photos. Allows a photo preview to be displayed by touching thumbnails.

- Picture Preview


Displays a photo preview. Allows zoom in and out of the photo via pinch-in/pinch-out. Also can change the displayed photo to the previous one by way of a horizontal flick.


Displays operation menu.

3.Left-Right Button

Can change the display back to the previous photo.

- Settings

1. Project List

By switching this to ON, it displays the project catalog at application launch.

2.Mail Settings

Sets email delivery for "Quick Shot".

3.Time Input

Configures the time entry form. Uses the "default" input forms of standard computers and the "original" input forms of basic apps.

Operating Procedure

- Normal Photography

The mode for typical photography, keystone correction, editing, project saving and email delivery.
1) Launch the application, touch "Normal" on the menu.
2) Fit the whiteboard neatly into place in preview and touch the photography button.
3) Automatically recognizes the whiteboard shape and configures the capture frame. When the automatic recognition does not work normally, zooming in on "points" and dragging them will align the capture frame.
4) When the capture frame is set, touch the "Adjust" button.
5) Push the "Edit" button on the "Preview Screen" and the "Editing Screen" is displayed.
6) Distribute speech balloons and arrows, perform editing tasks, and press the "Save" button to save all contents changes.
7) At the "Project Selection" screen, choose projects to save photos into and touch the "Regist" button. In the absence of a project, touch "Create New" and create a new project.
8) Press the "Menu" button on the "Project Details Screen" and select "Distribution Settings".
9) On the "Distribution Settings" screen, select your designated email address and touch the "Send" button.
10) Delivery to your mail app will occur.

- Continuous Shooting

This mode is for those focused on several photos, wanting to take pictures in haste.

1) Launch the application, touch "Continuous" on the menu.
2) Fit the whiteboard neatly into place in preview and touch the "Photography" button.
3) Continue step 2), when you are finished touch the "End" button.
4) On the "Project Selection" screen select the project to save pictures into and touch the "Regist" button. In the absence of a project, touch "Create New" and create a new project.
5) Perform editing and delivery on individual photos as necessary.

- Quick Shot

The mode for taking and delivery photos on the spot.

1) Launch the application, touch "Quick" on the menu.
2) Fit the whiteboard neatly into place in preview and touch the "Photography" button.
3) Touch the "Save" button at the "Preview" screen.
4) On the "Distribution Settings" screen, select your designated email address and touch the "Send" button.
5) Delivery to your mail app will occur.