An Android app to freely arrange labels, to which you can attach photos, hand-writing, and voice input on your home screen


"Boardwidget" allows you to freely arrange labels and photos within a board like a real corkboard, and you can freely choose designs of labels, photo frames, and even boards. For labels and photos, you can adjust angles, not to mention size. Natural arrangements, as if arranged by hand, are made possible. Additionally, it is possible to input via voice and handwriting, so you can quickly register things you notice via voice or handwriting.

*This application connects to the Internet. Please beware that packet charges may be applicable depending on your configuration settings and/or contract details.

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- A Widget to freely layout labels and photos on your home screen

You can adjust the size and angle of labels and photos. Instead of systematically lining up icons and Widgets, you can use design materials to create stylish layouts or cover the entire screen to arrange your home screen freely.

- Voice- and handwriting input-capable labels

Create labels by inputting text, voice, and handwriting. You can set the size and color of characters for text labels, as well as select label designs. You can also insert icons into handwritten labels.

- Select design frames for photos

Photos shot by camera and loaded from the gallery can be pasted to the board. Designs for pins and frames are also selectable.

- Create multiple boards

You can create multiple boards, and select different frames for each board. Created boards can be used as Widgets.

- Make it even more attractive with purchasable themes

An abundance of designs for labels, pins, photo frames, and board frames are included as defaults. If you want to use more attractive themes, you can do so by purchasing additional themes. Four themes- “Gothic”, “Handmade”, “Pop”, and “Stationary” - are available for use.
Theme Details:
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Price Free
Supported OS Android OS 2.1/2.2/2.3/4.0
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download from the Android MarketTo the manual page
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