Turn it on and you're searching before you know it!
This simple browser specializes in "speed", with button configurations for either hand.


As the name implies, "MachBrowser" is a specialized web browser app that lets you search for information of interest at mach speed. With just a tap it quickly activates, displaying the search screen and allowing you access to that information you're looking for. It doesn't just let you search the moment you launch the program, it also selects websites from your browser history and lets you access them. On the iPhone, which allows for much one-handed operation, you can set your dominant hand freely.

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◆Instantly search from start-up, getting immediate access to the information you want!

Tapping displays the search screen, allowing you to search immediately for the info you want. You can access websites from your browser history, and display a homepage designated by the user himself as well. Access to the information you seek has definitely become swift!

◆Simple favorites

Browsed websites can easily be registered as favorites!
Creating folders is easy, so is organizing! Not just launching the program, but browsing favorites fast, too!

◆Right-handed or left-handed (on iPhone)

Speed and ease of use for everyone! You can change the button arrangement to suit your dominant hand.
App Name
Price Free
Supported OS iOS 4.0 and above
Compatible Devices For viable models, please check the Android Market product page.
Genre Productivity
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