"MERRY GO SOUND" is a high-performance music player app equipped with an original "GO-ROUND MENU" user interface, as well as featuring Twitter and Facebook connectivity.


"MERRY GO SOUND" is a music player app equipped with high-performance replay function, but is more than merely an app to just listen to music; including smooth controls perfectly adapted for smartphones, as well as the ability to get information concerning the songs and artists and then post it to social networks, it's enjoyment that transcends sound. For the menu controls, an original merry-go-round like "GO-ROUND MENU"user interface has been used. Select menu items one-handedly by turning the menu. It is complete with basic music player functions as well. Additionally, automatically download album jacket photos, edit equalizer settings (*), and play songs by BPM (Beats Per Minute) -which allows you to play only songs of the same beat(*),

*To use the equalizer and play by BPM, Android 2.3 and over is required.
*This application connects to the Internet. Please note that it may show up in your packet charge, depending on your configuration or contract details.

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Equipped with new “GO-ROUND MENU” user interface, reminiscent of a merry-go-round. Spin menu items round and round, making controls as smooth as silk.

- Post topics regarding the songs to social networks.

Viewable in-app, you can pull information on songs from Wikipedia and post to Twitter and Facebook.

- Lock Screen

After waking from sleep, you can control music playback on the displayed lock screen.

- Play Panel Widget

Various sizes and kids of Widgets are available. Play-controls and jackets can be displayed.

- Edit Equalizer Function

Easily editable equalizer settings can be saved for each song.
(*Android OS 2.3 and over is required)

- An Abundance of Playlists are Possible

Not only can you playback by artist and album, but also by song-writer, release year, and BPM (Beats Per Minute).
(*Android OS 2.3 and over is required for BPM)

- Edit Song Information Function

Edit song name / artist name / album name / release year for each song.

- Extensive Playback Functions

Repeat all songs / one song, shuffling is possible.

- YouTube Video Search

You can quickly search video clip which you are listening on YouTube.
App Name
Price Free
Supported OS Android OS 2.1/2.2/2.3/4.0