Make your friends’ faces! You can make your friends’ avatars into phone and mail shortcuts!

Pocket Friends

Pocket Friends
Make your friends' faces! Select friends registered to your phonebook and start making avatars! You can make avatars for all your young, trendy female friends and your edgy punk friends!
Once you've made your avatars, save them to your home screen as shortcuts!
Make lots of friends and collect them in your pocket!

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Pocket Friends

- You can make avatars for friends in your phone book!

On top of eyes, mouths, and noses, you can also use hairstyles and clothes to make your very own avatars!
Use a wide variety of avatar items for both male and female friends to make lots of friends!

- Friends' avatars become shortcuts!!

Once you've made your friends' faces, set them to your home screen!!
You can make them into shortcuts and easily access the friends you contact often!

- Collect friends in your pocket!

You can set not only faces and clothes but also nameplates for your avatars, and there are also workable frame materials with which you can make badges and emblems!
Edit them as you like to create a cool collection of friends in your pocket!

App Name
Pocket Friends
Price Free
Supported OS Android OS 2.2/2.3/4.0
Compatible Devices For tested models, please refer to the Google Play product page.


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