A utility application to conveniently read and create QR codes on Windows 8.


"ELECOM QR Tools" is a utility application that allows users to read and create QR codes. With this application, users can conveniently read QR codes that include a URL, instantly display web pages, easily create any QR code, and create QR codes from other applications on Windows 8.

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- QR code recognition for URL, address books, or text

Can read QR codes that include a URL, address book, or text.

- JANCODE recognition

Can also recognize JANCODE, not just QR codes. This application is useful for reading JANCODEs displayed on purchased products, and checking their details on the internet.

- Web pages of recognized URL are instantly displayed on the read result screen

Because web pages are displayed within the results after reading a QR code that contains a URL, users can view web pages right away. It will be displayed on the search result page in the case of text or JANCODEs.

- Recognized contact information is registered into address books Read address book data can be registered in the address book of a PC or tablet. A Microsoft account is needed to perform registration.

- Creating a QR code

Any text or URL QR code can be created under a variety of parameters. The size of a QR code is set automatically depending on the input content and parameters, so users can easily create QR codes even with little knowledge. With this application, users can create a QR code by copying the URL of a web page being viewed in Windows, and then it can be read, used, etc. on smartphone devices. A created QR code can be saved as an image file.

- Saving QR code history

The history for read and created QR codes is saved automatically. QR codes displayed in the history list can be read on devices such as smartphones.

- Creating QR codes from other applications with the "share function"

Using the "Share Function", a distinctive function for Windows 8, users can create QR codes from other applications. By sharing text from other applications with "ELECOM QR Tools," that content is made into a QR code and displayed.
App Name
Price Free
Supported OS Windows8
Compatible Devices For tested resolution, please refer to the windows store product page.
Genre Utilty
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