Equipped with To Do List and Memo functionality, it is a personal organizer app optimized for iPad

For iOS Schedule St. HD

"Schedule St. HD" is the iOS’s standard personal organizer app "Schedule St.", provided by ELECOM Co., Ltd., optimized for a iPad's high screen resolution.
Equipped with TO DO and Text / Voice / Photo Memo, this is a high-performance personal organizer app designed to manage multiple calendars.

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- TO DO and Memo are Standard Features

TO DO and Text / Voice / Photo Memo, which do not exist on normal calendars are available as standard features.

- Screen Configuration Optimized for iPad

Screen configuration optimized for a Tablet's high screen resolution.
Uses an interface which seamlessly connects your yearly calendar with your detailed schedule.

- Manage Multiple Calendars

Create multiple calendars, and switch between them easily.
Makes it possible to separate between business and personal use, even allowing separate management of family members’ events with their own separate calendars.

- Purchase Additional Design Refills

Additional designs and skins can be added for each calendar by purchasing new Design Refills.
By dividing designs for each calendar, it is possible to distinguish between different calendars at a glance.

- Syncing with Google Calendar

Sync your calendar’s schedule with Google Calendar.
By saving your schedule to Google Calendar, it is possible to input your schedule on a Tablet at home, and still view the schedule on your Smartphone while away from home.
Also, by using the calendar's share function, you can share your schedule with family, loved ones, or colleagues at work.
- Addition of Yearly Calendar
- Layout optimized for high screen resolution.
- Uses an interface which seamlessly integrates your schedule details with your yearly calendar
- By emphasizing TO DO and Memo functionalities, which are not included on normal calendars, ease of use has been increased dramatically.

App Name
Schedule St. HD
Price Free
Supported OS iOS 4.0 and above
Compatible Devices For tested models, please refer to the App Store product page.
Genre Productivity
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