ELECOM Text Editor

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"ELECOM Text Editor" is a text editor that can be used with keyboards produced by ELECOM.
It is loaded not only with character input and save functions, but also with a variety of modes for you to enjoy inputting text!
Please have fun typing with Text Editor!


- Can be used together with ELECOM keyboards!
This application can be used with keyboards produced by ELECOM.
When you are using an applicable ELECOM-produced keyboard, it is possible to remove the advertisement displays.

- Link up with SkyDrive! Upload text files that you have created.
It's easy to upload files that you have created to SkyDrive!
You can conveniently use cloud backups and file sharing in a variety of environments.

- Loaded with Time Attack Mode! Take a typing training challenge!
Choose a time limit or target number of characters to input and start Time Attack Mode!
You can conduct typing training while having fun at your keyboard.

- Lots of other convenient elements are included! Support your typing with a multitude of modes.
Typing can be enjoyed with a multitude of modes such as Writing Pad Mode, in which page numbers can be set just like with a writing pad, Image Search Mode, in which images can be automatically displayed from typed information, and Simple Mode, in which it is easy to read and simple to input text.
App Name
ELECOM Text Editor
Price Free
Supported OS win8
Compatible Resolution For tested resolution, please refer to the windows store product page.