There are many times when people other than you touch your smartphone, for example when kids play games on your smartphone or you're showing friends pictures on your smartphone.However, there is always the worry the kids may mistakenly accept incoming calls or change your smartphone settings or that your friends may end up seeing applications or pictures you don't want to show them.

With the "ELECOM Secret Lock" application, you can lock the information on your smartphone you don't want others to see.Using this application, you can limit the functions and applications that kids an interact with and you can hide important or private images and videos so you can safely loan others your smartphone without worries.If important applications and functions are locked, even if you lose your smartphone or family members look at it without permissions, your private information is safely protected.

"ELECOM Secret Lock" is offered in a free, function limited version that displays ads.By paying a monthly fee or a yearly charge, the ads can be removed and the lock settings are strengthened so the complete functionality of the application can be utilized.
*This application connects to the internet.Take note that, depending on the contract or file content, packet fees may be incurred.

#For Android

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-Safely lock your pictures and smartphone -Lock with a password -Fine lock settings are possible

# Lock important applications!
Lock applications such as mail applications, social networking services, and cloud storage applications so that, upon startup, they require a password to be used.

# Lock important images and private videos!
Encrypt important pictures, personal videos, and images used in work and hide them so that they can only be reviewed through this application.
*The application itself is also locked and requires password input upon startup.

# Smartphone settings and application installation are also locked!
The various settings of the smartphone, sending and receiving calls, and application installation and uninstallation can all be locked, which prevents unwanted operation of the smartphone.

# Tablets are also supported!
Optimized for the tablet UI!Not only smartphones but tablets can also be locked.
App Name
ELECOM Secret Lock
Price Free
Supported OS Android OS  2.3/3.0/3.1/3.2/4.0/4.1/4.2/4.3
Compatible Devices For tested models, please refer to the Android Market product page.


download from the Android MarketTo the manual page
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